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"We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are." … Max De Pree, Author, Philosopher and former CEO – Herman Miller Company.

Professional Experience

Innovation Coaching is a high performance coaching organization that measures our own performance only by the achievements of our clients. Our client base has looked like this over the past 16 years:
  • •Professionals (physicians, accountants, attorneys, therapists)
    • Entrepreneurs in technology, interior design, manufacturing, product design
    • Non-profit executives and boards of directors
    • Media and entertainment personalities
    • Professional coaches at all levels of training and career development
    • Executives in Fortune-1000 Companies
    • Managers and officers in the U. S. Military
    • Large governmental agency leaders and managers

Note: For reasons of confidentiality, we do not disclose the names of our 700+ individual coaching clients. We can say that we coach or have coached individuals from:

  • •United States
    • Australia
    • United Kingdom
    • Canada (in French and English)
    • The Netherlands
    • Israel

Our Company's organization client base (a partial listing that also includes consulting projects):

  • 4-D Systems, Inc. (NASA, Northrup-Grumann, APL)
    Renoir Corporation (Canada)
    Beyond Borders, Inc. (Center for Disease Control)
    United States Air Force, Wright-Patterson AFB
    Informatica Corporation
    Long Beach (CA) Sports Council
    Qualté (HostedSupport.com)
    Spondylitis Association of America
    TechnoConcepts, Inc.
    Rona Barrett Lavender Company, Inc.
    TransQuest Technologies, Inc.
    NuVision Financial Federal Credit Union
    Armacel Armor Corporation, Inc.
    The Lotto Group, Inc.
    AudioLibros del Mundo, Inc.
    The Intellworks, Inc.
    Mobile Cellular Phone, Inc.
    A Major Theme Park and Residential Community
    D&D Engineering, Inc.
    Lloyd Klein, Inc.
    Mayerson Marketing and Public Relations, Inc.
    Economic Development Collaborative of Ventura County (CA)
    Ventura County Superintendent of Schools Special Projects
    Cardkey International®
    Individual clients at ESPN, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Pfizer, Lucent, IBM, Prophet

How We Work With Clients and Colleagues

IC’s coaching work is primarily delivered one-on-one by telephone throughout the USA and globally. We find this communication medium to be the most cost effective and efficient. Christine uses social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Plaxo) and, of course, email to communicate with clients and colleagues and other interesting people worldwide.

Christine has been blogging (primarily for her colleagues) since 2009 … her subject is “coaching” with a heavy emphasis on getting to the masterful level of professional coaching. (www.coachchristinetalks.blogspot.com).

Coaching Philosophy and Style

"A ship in port is safe, but that's not what ships are made for." … Admiral Grace Hopper

Coaches working with or for Innovation Coaching subscribe to the International Coach Federation Definition of Coaching, the Core Competencies of Coaching, and the ICF Code of Ethics.

Christine Martin is an ICF Master Certified Coach who works with a natural, rigorous style delivered with a velvet touch. She is known for her unrelenting support, her sense of humor, her ruthless compassion and lifelong appreciation for the potential of individuals and organizations.

"Working with stars of the future has been inspiring and rewarding.  Each individual has afforded this coach the opportunity to meet and work with intelligent, accomplished individuals who are seeking ways to step up to ever higher performance while keeping their lives fulfilled.  To be privileged to work in that world is a singular honor and pleasure."…Christine Martin, 2008

Giving Back

Christine Martin enjoys earned status in the professional coaching arena. She gives back by donating her time as a member of the ICF Credentialing Assessor Team. She evaluates credential candidates for all 3 ICF credentials (ACC, PCC and MCC). In 2005 and 2006 she was volunteer chair of the entire global credentialing initiative. She has coached pro bono for the United Nations (an ICF project), Save the Children and The Coaching Initiative a USA-based non-profit organization.

Our Creative Work

Christine Martin designs, co-designs and delivers original programs in coaching. Some of her recent original tele-seminars (TS), Keynotes (K), and workshops (W) include:

  • •  "I Shouldn't Know That: The challenges of confidentiality in professional coaching" (TS)
    •  "The A-typical Client: coaching individuals who are ADHD, devoted entrepreneurs, and over-the-top Type A's" (TS)
    •  "The Art of Partnering with Your Client" (TS, W, K)
    •  "Love Those Competencies: Understanding and using the ICF Core Competencies" (TS)
    •  "Coaching Techniques for Managers" (for the U. S. Air Force) (W)
    •  "So You Want to Be a Business Coach" (W)
    •  "Measuring the Results of Coaching in Organizations" (K in French and English)
    •  "Coaching Presence: Working with Indefinable to Achieve Definable Results" (TS)
    •  "The Art and Magic of Coaching Presence" (K, W)
    •  "Courageous Coaching Conversations and Advanced Conversations II" (TS)
    •  Many workshops on credentialing for the ICF (TS, W) (given as workshops in the USA, Norway, Australia, Spain and

Teaching Coaching

  • • Christine designed and taught three graduate level courses (T) for the University of Texas at Dallas executive coaching program (2005-2008):

       - "Introduction to Executive and Professional Coaching" (T)
       - "The ICF Core Competencies – In Depth" (T)
       - "Coaching in Organizations" (T)

    • For MentorCoach, a specialty coach training program for behavioral sciences professionals making the transition to coaching: Christine teaches their Intensive Group Coaching Master Class (T).

    • For the North Carolina State University Business Coach Institute, she teaches a ½-day workshop class in Executive Coaching (T, WS).